Vidhya is a portal for school students to learn quality education at free of cost. We believe that quality education should be a fundamental right of every student in India. Vidhya is an attempt by a team of IIT Alumni to bring quality education accessible to all students of our nation without any barriers.

In this COVID Pandemic many students find it challenging to learn while they are at home & we have created this platform for all teachers, principals & students to keep learning in these difficult times. Principals, teachers can evaluate performance of students & students can enjoy quality content.

Vidhya Portal & App provides below content, which have been curated & designed by a team of IITians
1. NCERT & state board mapped content in English and Hindi language in both formats
a. Teacher teaching on whiteboard
b. Animated videos
2. Competitive exams preparation content for IIT JEE, NEET, NTSE. We are also adding content for other competitive exams like UPSC, Banking Exams, CAT, GRE & GMAT
3. English Speaking courses to improve learning of our students
4. Mentorship and guidance: where dignitaries like IAS officers, respectable faces of Nation will come on a live session with students (approx 45 min – 60 mins) & they will share their journey in life & how with passion they are able to achieve goals in life. This will motivate our students & many national assets will come from our students in future
To ensure every student can benefit from Vidhya platform, we have ensured, it is available at free of cost & there is no burden on the pockets of students and parents.

Vidhya app is easily available to download from playstore from below link.
Vidhya App Link

No, Vidhya app is provided absolutely free to all students. The intent is to ensure that al students are getting quality education at free of cost.

Post sign up, you will get access of all content available on the app. You can also participate in MCQ quizes and win scholarships.

A team of IITians and doctors, educationalists with more than 20 years of experience, have participated in the develeopment and curation of content available on Vidhya app. Experts from various doamins have collaborated to ensure best quality content is provided to millions of students in our country.

You can participate in MCQ Quizes in each chapter, you will earn some points after completion of MCQ quiz, You will be ranked on leaderboard basis on your points, topper from leaderboard will be provided various kind of scholarships.

• The dashboard analysis of student’s learning outcome at every stage such as the main topics, sub-topics, that will help teachers and educators make effective decisions.
• Vidhya portal examines the learning efficiency of a student which reduces the workload on the teachers to assign students homework and assess them. Our app perfectly acts as a homework app for students to revise and study on at home. With our dashboard, teachers can track the students’ progress at ease and at their convenience.
• School teachers can take live classes on Vidhya portal & students can be benefited by learning concepts by their school teachers & recorded lectures, while they are at home. Live classes management tool is also offered to teachers as part of this offering.

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